Friday, March 5, 2010

If you can make this bag look good I will pay you.

I saw a woman today holding her daughters bag while she attempted to zip up her coat. I immediately smiled and thought, adorable, this 3 year old princess even has her own bag to match her outfit. I was wondering what treats she had stowed away in this bag of treasures.
Oh Boy was I wrong!
This was not her daughters bag, it was hers. I quickly realized what was going on when she pulled out her keys and phone from this tiny bag of over embellished horrors.
Had she spent too long playing with her little girl and was now incapable of making decisions as an adult? This bag was something that suited her tiny innocent child, not any self-respecting woman. It looked like something from a crafts fair nightmare. This woman was dressed in pretty pastels, perfectly on trend for spring. but obviously a spring had sprung in her head when she decided to purchase and then leave the house with this bag.
Give it up lady, give your daughter the most expensive gift a 3 year old should ever get, because she is the only one that people wont judge for carrying round a tiny piece of crafts fair puke.
Fendi oh Fendi, I do love you sometimes, but what were you thinking?

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