Friday, April 23, 2010

Puzzled by this Bag??

Me too. 

Another Dead Dog Bag to Grace us with its Presence

I don't really need to say much about this bag, although I wish I had found it earlier when I was doing my educational segment on Dog Carriers. I would love to say every fashionista needs this LV inspired dog bag in their closet but if this were true we would be living in a world where Queen Victoria wears cowboy boots and pleather crotchless panties, in public anyways.  Long Live the LV Dead Dog Bag!

Dolly Parton Lost her Bag

Thank goodness I am here to return it to its rightful owner! This Dior denim crafty crap belongs on a beauty like this and no one else !!

Denim Disaster

Denim may be a good casual trend to embrace this spring but save it for shirts, dresses and shorts this is a classic material turned to a classic mistake!

Friday, March 12, 2010

When Fluffy Chic turns into Hair-ball Freak

I haven't yet hunted down this bag in stores but as I came across this Sonia Rykiel creation on the internet it suddenly reminded me of the nastiness that my dog has been heaving up lately, its half lint half hair-ball and he stands there trying to dry heave up the crap when out pops a small version of this bag. I quite like Sonia's bags and this really doesn't look like her style at all. Has a crazy acid induced intern taken over the design room???
Saying all that I could actually see SJP in her Carrie days looking quite chic with this in her arm.

Cheap Cheerful, Does the Trick

Back in London again and thinking about all the great things that you can get for so cheap here. Scrap that being in London is ludicrously expensive but for cheap prices you can get some lovely bags. ASOS is selling this feathery bundle of joy for about £30. Ok so this bag wasn't meant last a quarter of a lifetime of a LV or Hermes bag but for £30 you can turn a nice simple outfit into something a little more flirty and inspiring. So what if the bag only lasts one season, the feather trend one last much longer than that.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Smacked by Barbie

I know that I should be a little more original and name a few other reasons on why I hate this bag but really the most obvious reason is the best. Barbie knocked you out and in your nightmares you saw this bag. Ultra, bright pink patent with leopard print details, really?
Im all for a bit of bright pink and leopard, but please never together and never like this.
I hate to wonder what idiot is walking round with this bag.

Carrying Your Pooch

Dead dog walking. Would I carry this bag? Maybe. If I were attending Paris Hilton's birthday party I might take this with me and wear a little black dress and biker boots. Paris not only inspired a bunch of wannabes to put bells, bows, tutus and pearls on dogs that look like rats but she has also inspired this creative bag as well. This bag was a tribute to the poor pooches that were abused as they were carted round by there Juicy Couture sweat suit wearing mothers. May their tiny bones rest in peace.

However if taking your dog with you is serious business may I suggest this sleek and safe alternative.

Being in the dog house is not always a bad thing. This dog carrier is safe and comfortable for your small four legged friend.
Designer Marco Morosini created a ceramic suitcase with platinum hardware so that the smart sophisticated dog owners of the world can always look stylish without breaking the necks of their dogs.
I mean does this dog look happy?

How far would you go for the Perfect Bag?

I can never quite pin point what it is that makes Balenciaga an amazing bag, but they always are. I adore this one, its the Giant Part Time bag in Sahara.
I am telling you I would walk across the Sahara desert to have this bag hang perfectly from my manicured hand. Why would I walk across a dessert almost as large as the United States and risk a horrible death?
Well first if I did make it across ( I know not possible but lets imagine ) I would be skinny enough to walk down the catwalk for Karl Lagerfeld, and second I would have a fabulously dark tan. So I have reached the finish line and the desert is behind me, but I would be a happy woman knowing this beauty of a bag was mine as I take my little piece of the Sahara and my frail malnourished body and strut my way proudly down the street. Because after all a woman with Balenciaga has to be a happy woman.

If you can make this bag look good I will pay you.

I saw a woman today holding her daughters bag while she attempted to zip up her coat. I immediately smiled and thought, adorable, this 3 year old princess even has her own bag to match her outfit. I was wondering what treats she had stowed away in this bag of treasures.
Oh Boy was I wrong!
This was not her daughters bag, it was hers. I quickly realized what was going on when she pulled out her keys and phone from this tiny bag of over embellished horrors.
Had she spent too long playing with her little girl and was now incapable of making decisions as an adult? This bag was something that suited her tiny innocent child, not any self-respecting woman. It looked like something from a crafts fair nightmare. This woman was dressed in pretty pastels, perfectly on trend for spring. but obviously a spring had sprung in her head when she decided to purchase and then leave the house with this bag.
Give it up lady, give your daughter the most expensive gift a 3 year old should ever get, because she is the only one that people wont judge for carrying round a tiny piece of crafts fair puke.
Fendi oh Fendi, I do love you sometimes, but what were you thinking?

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