Friday, March 5, 2010

How far would you go for the Perfect Bag?

I can never quite pin point what it is that makes Balenciaga an amazing bag, but they always are. I adore this one, its the Giant Part Time bag in Sahara.
I am telling you I would walk across the Sahara desert to have this bag hang perfectly from my manicured hand. Why would I walk across a dessert almost as large as the United States and risk a horrible death?
Well first if I did make it across ( I know not possible but lets imagine ) I would be skinny enough to walk down the catwalk for Karl Lagerfeld, and second I would have a fabulously dark tan. So I have reached the finish line and the desert is behind me, but I would be a happy woman knowing this beauty of a bag was mine as I take my little piece of the Sahara and my frail malnourished body and strut my way proudly down the street. Because after all a woman with Balenciaga has to be a happy woman.

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