Friday, March 5, 2010

Carrying Your Pooch

Dead dog walking. Would I carry this bag? Maybe. If I were attending Paris Hilton's birthday party I might take this with me and wear a little black dress and biker boots. Paris not only inspired a bunch of wannabes to put bells, bows, tutus and pearls on dogs that look like rats but she has also inspired this creative bag as well. This bag was a tribute to the poor pooches that were abused as they were carted round by there Juicy Couture sweat suit wearing mothers. May their tiny bones rest in peace.

However if taking your dog with you is serious business may I suggest this sleek and safe alternative.

Being in the dog house is not always a bad thing. This dog carrier is safe and comfortable for your small four legged friend.
Designer Marco Morosini created a ceramic suitcase with platinum hardware so that the smart sophisticated dog owners of the world can always look stylish without breaking the necks of their dogs.
I mean does this dog look happy?

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